Welcome to the Cyprus Property Guide.

This site is proud to offer you “Free Impartial Advice on”.

1. The Property Market In Cyprus
2. Living and Working In Cyprus

Our site does not owe allegiance to any one company or individual who seek to promote their property within. We only promote those companies that we know have a track record in property development here in Cyprus. We can therefore offer you a wide range of options that meets your needs.

There are great deals to be made that includes; a flexible range of options on apartments, villas and townhouses. But please don’t just take our word for it, we strongly recommend that you explore the site and discover for yourself.

This website deals specifically in the advertising and Promotion of Property in Cyprus. We can and do offer you the following services free of charge:

1. Arrange appointments for you with Developers or Owners before you arrive. We can also assist you with

Opening Bank Accounts
Recommend Suitable Lawyers if you do not have one in mind
Collection and drop of at Pafos airport if required.
Arrange Car Hire.
Progress reports for property under construction.
Shopping to furnish your newly acquired property.

Due to the fact that we live and work here we know what is happening on the ground. This is very important given that the majority of purchasers do not live here on a permanent basis.

This enables you to get all the answers to your questions in the comfort of your home or office before you arrive here in Cyprus.

This enables you to:
1. Identify the type of property that you like
2. Select the location (if you are not familiar with Cyprus)
3. Decide on the timeframe within which you wish to work.

It is on this basis that we welcome you to our site. If you like what you read why not check out the site. If there is anything that you like whilst browsing please feel free to contact us.

There are also sections on the site that deal with Letting and Advertising of property by owners.

We welcome any feedback that you might have in respect of its content.